The Non-Covid Casualties of the Covid Crisis — Part II

It is not just COVID-19 itself that is causing hardship. The lockdown and the general atmosphere of panic surrounding COVID-19 have had devastating consequences:

  • Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs
  • Many businesses have gone under
  • People will lose their homes
  • Stress and anxiety are taking their toll
  • Suicides and abuse are going up
  • Hospitals and other healthcare providers are suspending “elective care” and reducing hours and laying off staff
  • Patients in need of medical care are afraid to go to the hospital
  • A worldwide economic crisis means devastation for people in poor countries

This series tells the stories of these non-Covid casualties of the COVID-19 crisis, and will continue to be updated with new stories. The first part in this series was published here. Part III is here.


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New York Times

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