The Non-Covid Casualties of the Covid Crisis — Part I

It is not just COVID-19 itself that is causing hardship. The lockdown and the general atmosphere of panic surrounding COVID-19 have had devastating consequences:

  • Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs
  • Many businesses have gone under
  • People will lose their homes
  • Stress and anxiety are taking their toll
  • Suicides and abuse are going up
  • Hospitals and other healthcare providers are suspending “elective care” and reducing hours and laying off staff
  • Patients in need of medical care are afraid to go to the hospital
  • A worldwide economic crisis means devastation for people in poor countries

This is the first part in this series about the non-Covid casualties of the COVID-19 crisis. Part II in the series can be found here, part III here.


The Nation


Not yet peer reviewed study: “The study projects that the average person would suffer 0.205 [Years of Life Lost] due to psychosocial consequence of COVID-19 mitigation measures. However, this loss would be entirely borne by 2.1% of the population, who will suffer an average 9.79 YLL”

In other words, 2.1% of the Swiss population will lose 9.79 years of their lives as a result of the Swiss government’s attempt to flatten the curve.



Global News

Consortium News


CTV News




New York Post

New York Post

Washington Post

The current crisis will no doubt be much more severe than the 2008 crisis:


New York Times

Toronto Star


The Atlantic

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